The Heritage

Past, Present AND FUTURE

On Sunday the 2nd of November 1788, 280 days after the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove, Governor Phillip sailed upriver in search of fertile land that would sustain the swiftly diminishing food supply of the 1,000 strong colony. At the head of the river, the furthest navigable point west, Phillip downed sheet and dropped anchor at a place known by the Traditional Owners, the Durag people, as ‘Burramattaʼ or the ‘place where the eels lie downʼ.

V by Crown Group is both homage to the past and history in the making. An architectural statement and design innovation, rising up on four columns, it both preserves and honours recently discovered archeological remains integral to Parramattaʼs historical and cultural past.

An 1840ʼs house, underlying convict hut, wheelwrightʼs workshop and the cellar of the Wheatsheaf Hotel, will all be preserved in situ sheltered by a distinctive canopy. Artefacts recovered from the archaeological excavation will be displayed in an interpretation centre, so that the general public can share in the historical development of Parramatta City.

Parramatta Park – Tree Planting Complete

EPBC 2014/7331 – Preliminary Documentation/Invitation for Public Comment

Completion Report – Final Occupation Certificate