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trees Parramatta Park Trust

1 July 2015


Jesse Cheung
Assistant Development Manager
Crown Group
Level 29, 1 Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Dear Mr Cheung

Planting of Six Trees

I refer to the approval of V by Crown, Mixed used Development Project (EPBC 2013/6803) and the Conditions of Approval (2) and (4).

I can confirm that Parramatta Park Trust is satisfied with the planting of size trees and that they have been planted in accordance with the Parramatta Park Mitigation of Potential View Impact (December 2013) as specified in condition 2 of the approval and the approved Review of Environmental Factors.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact Dave Brodie, Senior Program Officer, Assets and Operations.

Yours sincerely



Yolanda Gil
Manager, Parkland Development and Strategy

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